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DRI provides analysis and support for those engaged in building democracy around the world

Key Programmes


Since 2011 DRI has provided expertise for members of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) and citizen organisations. We contributed to the writing of a democratic constitution and to transparent elections. Currently, our focus is the effective implementation of the new constitution and support to citizen groups that will observe upcoming elections.


Ukraine’s government promised to implement political reforms to which it committed itself long-ago with European bodies. DRI monitors and reports on the political reform process together with the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and civic groups.


DRI supports Libya’s democratic constitution since July 2012, working with Libyan citizen groups, policymakers, and law faculties active in the constitutional and legal reform process. We work on key issues such as guarantees for accountable government in the constitution, decentralisation, and the relationship of human rights and religion.


Working with political actors, state bodies, and Pakistani citizen groups since 2010, DRI supported the preparation of democratic elections – the credible 2013 elections were the first in Pakistan’s history to lead to a peaceful transfer of power between civilian governments. Currently we work with the national and provincial parliaments to effectively address electoral and human rights issues.